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Advanced Excel Training

The use of Excel Spreadsheet has become highly essential in the modern day business world. We provide Advanced Excel Training that helps the individual in having a background about how to use Excel in your business ventures. The Advanced Excel Training aims at equipping the participants with the skill necessary to use the Microsoft Excel Tool whether it is for Data Presentation, Manipulation or Analysis. Hands-on training is intended to be given and requires each participant to have access to a laptop/desk-top throughout the program.

  • Basics
  • Interface
  • Modeling in Excel
  • Working with Data
    • Using Tables
    • Data Validation & Conditional Formatting
    • Naming Ranges and working with named ranges
    • Grouping, Sorting & Filtering
    • Consolidation of Worksheets
  • Reviewing, Sharing & Printing Worksheets
    • Built-in Functions in Excel
  • Financial Functions
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Text Manipulation Functions
  • Date Manipulation Functions
  • Logical Functions
  • Conditional Functions
  • Referencing Functions
    • Pivot Tables and Charts
    • What are PivotTable reports and PivotChart reports?
    • Creating a PivotTable
    • Laying out your PivotTable
    • Designing your PivotTable
  • Creating a PivotChart
    • Charts
  • Types of Charts & their Creation
  • Common problems in Charting
  • Special Charts
    • Decision Making with Excel
  • Scenario Manager
  • Goal Seek
  • Solver Add-in
  • Data Table
    • Import and Export of Data from various sources
  • Importing from Access
  • Importing from SQL
  • Linking Data to Word & Power Point
  • Consolidating Worksheets
    • Macros
  • What are Macros & Why use them?
  • Recording a Macro & Playing it back
  • Macro Security
    • Introduction to VBA for Excel
  • What is VBA?
  • Modules
  • Some Coding basics

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