Business English Language Training

Considered as the universal language, English has become indispensable in order to work in any company nowadays. We offer such Business English Language Training to train the students with Basic English skills in order to grow in the corporate world. The objective of the Business English Language Training is to equip the trainee with language skills that will enable the trainees to communicate in the English language at a level higher than what the trainee had started. The aim of the Business English Language Training is to make the trainee comfortable using the language, recognizing language flaws and weaknesses. With our Business English Language Training, the trainee will be able to recognize and rectify language flaws and become more confident in using the language. The Business English Language Training is need-based and is divided into modules as per the requirements of the clients. We undertake a detailed Language Needs Analysis before recommending any module to the client. The clients’ current and future needs are taken into consideration and needs and shortfalls addressed accordingly.

Conducted For
  • Those who want to improve their current level of the Language and get better at using the language
  • Those who want to improve their English Language Business Communication skills
    • After a detailed need analysis, the candidates will have to be assessed to place them at the right level of their current Language ability. They will then be trained to attain the next level of Language proficiency.
    • Grammar and vocabulary will be taught in every class - taking them higher each day. This will include understanding the concepts, practicing and then imbibing the concept taught through exercises, games and role-plays.
    • Speaking and presentations in almost all sessions
    • Error corrections will be done by including peer knowledge and participation
    • Interactions within the group to enhance the confidence and comfort in using the language

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