Communication Skills Training

Communication in today’s world is very demanding due to the choice of various mediums available and the limited time to communicate your message accurately. Right communication skills have therefore become the need of the hour in the present scenario. We offer Communication Skills Training to help individuals communicate their point in an effective manner. Communication Skills Training deals with Verbal, Non-Verbal and Written Communication along with Listening Skills to make it a complete program to enhance the communication abilities of the team.

  • Importance of Communication or consequences of miscommunication
  • Written communication
    • E-mail
    • Official Letters
  • Verbal Communication
    • Syntax & Semantics
    • Common Mistakes
    • Telephone Conversations
    • Teleconferencing (Audio / Video)
  • Non-Verbal Communication
    • Body language
    • Tone & Voice Modulation
  • Listening Skills
  • Group Communication
    • Meetings
    • Conflict Resolution

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