Enneagram Personality Test

As a part of our Training & Development Programme, we offer Enneagram Personality Test to the customers. The Enneagram Personality Test is one of the newest personality test systems in use, and emphasizes psychological motivations. The Enneagram Personality Test helps an individual to understand not only him/her self but enables the user to understand others, enabling more effective teams and leadership. The Enneagram Personality Test is conducted to understand the psychologies of different people eventually helping in managing and coordinating in the working environment. A knowledge about the individual’s psyche helps in allocating them tasks that are totally adept as per their personality traits. .

  • A Brief Introduction of the Enneagram
  • Personality Types in Brief – Each of the 9 Types are explained
    • Characteristics & Preferred Behaviour - Good & Bad
    • Fears & Limitations of own and other Types
    • Relating to Different Types & Others of your Type
  • Subtypes within the main Type
  • Wings – What you and others actually are and the image that is portrayed
  • Stress & Relaxation – Know how your type and others respond to stressful situations and when relaxed
  • Healthy & Unhealthy – Over a period of time each personality type may exhibit the worst characteristics of that type when unhealthy and may evolve within constraints
  • Confusing Types

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