Our Team

Mr. Luqman Qazi

Mr. Luqman Qazi

When I started my career as a Civil Engineer the atmosphere of the construction industry was emerging and competition was starting to develop. But, the much sought after promotion and experience passed me by because people thought I didnt have the personality to carry it.

Unhappy with the situation a deep desire to change started growing within. I enrolled myself for a course in Public Speaking. This changed my life!! I was not only able to enhance my personality but realized that I could also help others who wanted to improve their personalities.

This is how I started my training career about 2 decades ago. For almost 7 years I took training at various levels climbing higher on the ladder of becoming a trainer and coach - which has resulted in an in-dept and deep knowledge of the art of imparting Life Skills.

Over the years, I have developed a training methodology which is based on and complements the universally acknowledged theory that adults learn best by doing. Yes, all my training programs are hands-on experiences, which give the trainee a clear understanding of the knowledge transferred.

I have conducted more than 1000 training programs all over the country on a wide range of topics, moulding and mentoring the young and the young at heart for the past 15 years. Effective Public Speaking, Chairmanship and Parliamentary Procedures, Self Analysis and Growth, Communication and Presentation Skills, Leadership and Team development, Human Relations and Interpersonal Skills, Personal Development, Confidence Building workshop, Train the Trainers workshop are some of my regular programs. I specialize in outbound Leadership Training.

Mr. Hormazd Yazdabadi

Mr. Hormazd Yazdabadi

After finishing my BE (Electronics) from Pune University and then pursuing a degree in Foreign Trade from Symbiosis, Pune (1993) I ventured into successful Sole distributorships and Channel Partnerships for various International Organizations as varied as Film Resistor Raw Material and Machinery to computer software & hardware and Biometric Access and Time Attendance Solutions, before setting up a firm developing and Marketing Software Products and Services for small and medium sized business and organizations in and around Pune.

In the meantime, as part of a personal growth plan, I undertook courses on self development. I got hooked to the concept and cleared a structured Train-the-Trainers Workshop. Training has been more of a passion than a profession to begin with and since 1993, I have been actively involved with training.

I have developed and conducted in-depth Workshops for various institutions, education facilities, manufacturing and service industries on subjects as varied as Team building, Enneagrams, Inter-personal Relationships, Sales and Negotiation skills, IT for Managers, Interview Techniques, Group Discussions, Self Image, Goal setting, Time Management, Creativity, Communication Skills completing more that 1000 hours of training.

Using games and activities to impart the skills and regularly updating myself with the latest developments in technology and the science of imparting skills has made sure that interest in the program is ensured mine and the trainees.

Ms. Shaheen Maniar

Ms. Shaheen Maniar

Having done my B. Com and then a Post Graduation Diploma in Marketing Management I thought numbers and number crunching was the natural profession for me. For almost a decade I looked after the finances of various firms, also taking on marketing and administrative stints in between. At the end of the day I was never happy with my work in the office or on the field.

Then I was introduced to the wonderful world of personal development! The past eight years have been a journey of discovery for me. I have discovered not only my potential, but the passion to help others transform has given my personality a dimension I didnt know existed. A chance opportunity was thrust upon me, but today Im most comfortable doing what I have realised that I love best transforming people.

I have not only trained as a trainer but also trained to teach the English language. My training as a trainer has reflected on the way I teach the English language with games and innovative methods. And my training and experience in the English language has enhanced my other training programs as well. I ensure that I incorporate games, innovation and other fun and absorbing ways of imparting training. I try to innovate and add creativity in all my workshops so that there is no boredom for both my trainees and me.

Since the past eight years I have conducted more than 2000 hours of training. I regularly conduct English language training apart from Effective Public speaking workshops, Business communication skills training, Team Building workshops, Communication Skills, Creativity workshops.