Team Building Training

We conduct Team Building Training Programme that helps in training individuals to work with a team spirit. Individuals are trained to be better performers but it is the team that makes Organizations. The dynamics of team behavior is very different from that of individuals that make up the team, implying that new skills have to be learnt to deal with Team Morale and Motivation as well as Management of the individual member’s functional & project roles. Whether it is to improve Inter-Departmental rapport or improve the motivation of the Employees, the Team Building Workshop is a great way to Reinforce the Organization’s Vision to the Entire Team and re-orient the team’s performance as a whole. We offer such Team Building Training that encompasses all the above factors. The Team Building Training can be customized in a variety of ways as per the Organization’s Situational need.

  • The need for a Team
  • Characteristics of a Team
  • Stages in a Team’s Life Cycle
  • Roles Played by individuals in a Team
    • Function/Job Related Roles
    • Maintenance Roles
  • Conflict Resolution

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